Alexey Sergunin

Alexey Sergunin is a pianist and composer. He was born in 1988 in a small town Barnaul in the Altai Territory of Russia. His childhood was devoted to playing the piano and composing music. Apart from that, he was always terribly interested in something that has to do with an idea of construction and therefore, when he was a child, he built a toy city in the apartment where he lived with his parents. 
He graduated from a college of F. Chopin in Moscow as a pianist in 2008 and now is a student of Moscow Conservatory at two faculties (piano faculty - prof. K. Knorre, composition faculty - prof. A. Tchaikovsky). 
A particular place in his creative activities is occupied by the art of piano transcriptions. He made an arrangements of such works as "Century Rolls" by John Adams and "Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky. In 2011 Alexey had created a piano version of Leonid Desyatnikov's ballet "Lost Illusions", by request of Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.
Alex was a member and composer of group called "The SEMB" (Symbiosis of Esthetic Modernism and Baroque). Sergunin writes music in various genres - from the academic classical form to rock music and "underground performance".

Alexey Sergunin is a pianist and composer. He is only original musician, generously gifted by nature. Manifestations of his talents are diverse and surprising. He is endowed with a fine intellect and mastery of piano technique. His performances are characteristic high spirituality, deep immersion in music and creative discovery.